Organizing My Thoughts

I’m inspired by Stacy Brice’s 30 Days of Organizing this month.  I’ve organized all kinds of things including my refrigerators and freezers, the kids’ clothes, my desk, my docs folder on my hard drive, etc.  I was telling a friend about these projects the other day, and I laughingly said, “oh, yeah, I’ve also been organizing my thoughts.”  My friend laughed with me, and then it hit me - I organize my thoughts all the time.  And, I should!

Before I write an article, I have to organize my information into a logical sequence so the reader can understand where I’m going.  I organize the thoughts I put into e-mails, often re-reading and moving sentences around so that the message flows logically and, again, sequentially.  We’ve all read those e-mails that appear to be stream of consciousness.  I’m left thinking – huh?  How many misunderstandings could be avoided if the writer just went back through the message to make sure it was well-organized and clear?

So, I consider myself a very organized person in both my personal and professional life.  In fact, I love to organize.  It’s more fun than the actual doing sometimes.  And, being well-organized saves me time and frustration.  I know exactly where to go for the “tools” I need to get any job done.

Well, the same can be said for my thoughts.  They’re tools to help me communicate to the people around me.  And, hopefully, if you’re one of those people, you’re thankful that I do organize what I want to say before putting pen to paper.