Welcome to Virtually Lynne

Profile PicIf you’re a small business owner or solopreneur then you know how difficult it is to run your own business.  You have to be an expert in the products and/or services that you provide to your clients, as well as an expert in the administrative and support tasks that are required to keep your business running smoothly.  The description “wearing multiple hats” has taken on new meaning for you.  When you find you’re spending more time keeping your business running than you are providing your expertise to your clients then you know it’s time to get some help.  But, what are your options, and who do you turn to who will treat your business with as much care as you would?

If you don’t have a brick and mortar business, then you don’t have the physical space to house traditional administrative help.  Nor, do you want to take on the expense of an employee.  A Virtual Assistant may be the perfect fit for your business.  Virtual Assistants are professionals whose business is to handle the day-to-day administrative tasks of running their clients businesses.  But, not all Virtual Assistants are the same.   As an AssistU trained VA, Virtually Lynne has a strong business foundation, and an understanding of what it takes to support client businesses in a way that allows the owner to focus on his/her success.  We are partners with a common interest – your business.  We will work closely to support your business goals, and therefore must have a strong connection.  We build the trust that allows you to quit worrying about your business and focus on your customers.

The virtual world is exploding – every day there’s something new to explore and learn.  It’s a VA’s job to stay on top of this – to learn new ways of managing your business activities, to explore new productivity tools and to help you decide how best to use this information.

If you’re ready to explore what Virtually Lynne can do for you, then I invite you to visit my Services page or go straight to the Contact tab to send me a note.

I’m glad you found me and, whether we decide to work together or not, I’d love to talk with you and help you decide how best to explore the benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant.

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